Blue Jay Wallpaper


Do you like birds? Are you tired of ugly wallpapers for your mobile devices? Well here you can download this beautiful wallpaper for your iPad and iPhone!


Blue Jay Wallpaper for iPad Retina (2048 x 2048)

Blue Jay Wallpaper for iPad and iPhone 6 Plus (1024 x 1024)

Blue Jay wallpaper for iPhone 6 (750 x 1334)

Blue Jay Wallpaper for iPhone 5 (640 x 1136)

This wallpaper is the first of many more that I’ll be designing during the next months. You are more than welcome to follow me and see the progress of my following projects.

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Also you can find all my wallpapers with the hashtag  #jorsattiwallpapers.

The Story Behind the Project

In my experience, finding the perfect wallpaper for my computer and mobile devices has been an agonizing ordeal that demands browsing thousands of… how to say it polity… “crappy” wallpapers to only find one or two that “kinda are” what I was looking forward.

One day, several weeks ago,  I stumbled with a website called Poolga (you are welcome!) that offers free beautiful and unique wallpapers inspiring me to make my own designs and share it to the world.

After several hours of work I finally finished my first mobile wallpaper and now I’m thirsty to make many more during the next months.

What’s Next?

I have several projects in mind involving more birds, flowers and animals. Also I’m seriously considering doing a Game of Thrones wallpaper.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future designs, please feel free to comment bellow or through my social accounts.

Want to Help?

If you enjoy my work, why not let me work for you?

I love creating beautiful digital illustrations which can be used on books, magazines, cards, websites… you name it!  My experience also includes graphic design, web design, business branding and identity.

10 Reasons You need a Quality Website

10  Reasons you need a website

Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. Probably I went to your business  with a smile in my face offering you my business card while asking “Do you have a website?”. If your answer was NO, then continue reading so you can learn why is so important to have a website for your business; it doesn’t matter if it is a Hobby or Seasonal Business (like knitting Dr. Who scarfs for dogs), or an International multimillionaire corporation, a website can help your business reach more people faster and more efficiently. If your answer was YES, then continue reading to learn how to improve the quality of your website and generate more revenue.

Bellow is a list of 10 reasons why you need a quality website ASAP:

1. All the Cool Kids Have One

Regarding of what kind of business you do, if you Google your products or services, you will find that someone else, is producing or doing what you do. That is call Competition, and if by any chance this competition is close around you, then it’s call Direct Competition. If your Direct Competition has a website (and you don’t) then you will be in trouble very soon, especially if they are adequately marketing it.

2. OMG! I Love It, Let’s Share It To the World!

Your website needs to be linked to to your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. By creating those bridges (connections)  between your social accounts and your website, you’re improving the traffic to your site and letting other people know more about your business.

3. The People have Spoken!

Adding a Blog to your website is the best way to receive feedback from your visitors and, in conjunction with your social accounts, it will help to spread your information faster. To see the big picture here, you probably saw my post on Facebook or Twitter and your curiosity made you click on the link, and now you are in my website!

4. Rain or Shine, You Are Always Open

One of the beauties of the internet is the fact that anyone can visit your website at anytime/anywhere (except North Korea) and learn more about your products or services. Also if you sell your products online, you can be available to your customers 24/7!

5. I Google it

This is what I do when I visit a city I’ve never been before. A few days before traveling, the first thing I’ll do is Google Hotels, Restaurants, Points of interest… almost everything. By doing this I have a good idea of what to expect and which places will enhance my travel experience. Like most of us, when I’m “googgling” something, I’ll only stay on the first 3 or 4 search result pages, since I know that the rest of the search result will, probably,  be irrelevant for me.

But how can your website be on those first pages? Well…

6. …Use Unique Content

This may be one of the most complex points in this article and, in order to properly explain how it works, I’ll later write a post with tips and tools that will help achieve a good ranking in search engines such as Google. In the mean time, my best advice to achieve a good ranking on search engines is to always use:

  1. Original Content. All content used in your website (including photos, video, written content and links) needs to be original and not copied from other sources (websites).
  2. Keywords. Always use keywords related to your business.
  3. Call of Action. Make your audience engage with you though social media, email or commenting through your website. Extra points if you offer discounts or monthly especial that will make your audience return to your website.
  4. Engage with Organizations, Groups and/or Foundations.  The more places your business is mentioned the better ranking your website will have.
  5. Make your Customers work for you.  Be creative! Have a photo contest, ask customers to recommend your business through social media so they can receive a discount or price… the point is to make your audience talk about your business.

7. Know who is visiting your website and why

Google Analytics is an amazing tool, easy to install and use. It measures your website traffic plus a lot of insight that, used properly, can boost the quality of your content and, again, improve the ranking on search engines. This tool will tell you how many people has visited your website, from where and for how long they stood in your website and in which pages. This information can later be used to improve the content of your website and attract the more audience.

8. Owning a website is affordable…

… and (in some cases) easy to use. Today having your own domain, hosting and a WordPress website is extremely cheap. The investment for a small functional website can be as low as $500 dollars!

My suggestion for a good and reliable hosting company is GoDaddy. They really know what they are doing and their customer support is amazing! Here you can acquire your hosting and domain for your website.

Another suggestion, in case you want to administrate your own website without the help of 3rd parties, is to use WordPress as your website platform. WordPress and other companies like Studio Press offers a wide selection of templates (themes) that will make your website match the image,style and needs of your business.

9. Call me maybe

Always have your contact information visible on every page in your website and on all your social accounts. Potential customers and even returning customers may want to contact you before doing a purchase or visiting your store.

10. Hey Sexy!

Last but not least is very important to have a professional, consistent and accurate image for your business. This involves that your business logo, images, artwork, color tones and language are consistent to the type of  merchandise / services that you are offering and address to the right audience.

This process is called Branding and Identity and its main purpose is to offer the right product or service to the right audience.


My goal is to satisfy the needs of your business and help them achieve their professional goals by offering  professional, affordable and flexible marketing solutions.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need help with your website, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help!



Internet Marketing in Katy


As a Katy resident for over 10 years, I’ve noticed how incredible fast the population has grown during the past couple of years. With that in mind, the number of business has increased as well turning business owners to require a more aggressive marketing strategy to compete with franchises and similar business as well.

Focusing on the small business and individuals in the Katy area

The marketing services listed bellow are focused on small business and individuals who are either opening their door or looking for a fresh new look to compete with other similar business in the area.

  • Web Design (WordPress). WordPress provides dozens of affordable themes making it easy to find the right look for your website. Also, one of the many beauties of WordPress is that it provides an easy interface that allows an easy control of the content in your website.
  • Graphic Design. Any printable material (business cards, brochures, posters, etc.) or graphic elements for your website and social accounts can be done to reach more customers.
  • Hosting. Your website need to be stored somewhere. There are many hosting companies in the market though my suggestion is to use Go Daddy. I can help setup your hosting account and domain.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This process involves using a list of keywords related to your business to achieve better searching result on search engines like Google or Bing.
  • Brand & Identity. Creating an identity for your business and products is crucial to attract the right customers which will lead to better reviews and returns.
  • Photography. Give a face to your business or show your audience how your merchandise looks like. Photography not only allows your customer to see what you have to offer but it’s also one of the most popular methods people search online.
  • Video. Greet your customers and let them know who you are and what your business is about. Videos are also an useful tool to show your customers the perks of your business.
  • Professional Email Account and Storage. Nothing says “I’m a serious real business” than displaying a professional business email (e.g. in your business cards, brochures or any other publicity material. By using Google Apps for Business, you can generate professional business email accounts for you and your business members. Google Apps for Business also offers a cloud storage service allowing to safety store and share documents between the members of your business and even customers!

My goal is to satisfy the needs of your business and help them achieve their professional goals by offering  professional, affordable and flexible marketing solutions.

New Self portrait


Inspiration and Getting Ready

Hi Everyone! Here is my latest digital artwork with my beautiful face on it. I decided to create this illustration while playing Dragon Age Inquisition. This game  has these beautiful illustrated cards with the main characters of the game. Bellow is one of them.


Image source: Dragonage3

After studying the style and technique implemented in those cards I decided to give it a shot! First, since I was more focus in experimenting with the textures, colors and shades used in these cards, I didn’t wanted to spend time sketching so I just pulled out one of my ol’ Texas Renaissance Fest “selfies” and work with that.

Texas Renaissance Fest 2014

Art Process

My first step was to create the basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator and create a color library to ensure that everything will be consistent. At this point I look like a Tan Pilgrim Panda.


Once the basic tones and shapes where done, my next step was to transfer the artwork to Adobe PhotoShop and start adding shades and textures to the design. Most of the process was done with an hexagonal brush and the Smudge Tool.



At this point, without a background nor textures, I started to look more and more like a zombie which was distorting my perception of the design and made me make a lot of little stupid mistakes. Here I decided to stop working on the face and start with the background and clothes.


The Scarf

The scarf was probably the most challenging part of this project. After trying several solutions from gradients to solid colors to drawn lines and even blending different textures, the solution was to step back and partially redo the scarf on Illustrator. By using the top and bottom splines of the scarf, I used the blend tool and created 2 new splines inside the scarf, then draw a 5th spline to increase the texture. With these new splines I created 4 shapes and duplicate them.

For the first set I use gradients to give an organic shading to the scarf and, for the second set, I created a 6 point star pattern which I slightly rotated inside each shape.

Finally I transfer the new pieces to PhotoShop and voilà!



The Background and MORE Textures

Once done with the scarf, I retook my path to work on the background to (hopefully) fix the face of my Zombie doppelgänger. Working on the background was extremely fun and I’m considering in implementing this style on my website. The background is composed by simple shapes done in Illustrator and using textures as masks and blending layers.



Final Touches

Once the background was done, I was able to continue working on the face. The background tones really helped me visualize the shades of the face and in no time I was able to add the final brush strokes and apply a surface blur to merge the shades. After that I added little details like hair in the beard and eyebrows, and a few more shapes in the background to balance the composition (since the hat is folded, it can be a little tricky).


Logo Exercise II

Here are a couple more quick logo design I made during the past days. Enjoy!




Logo Exercise I

Now that I have a little extra time I decided to work more in my Logos.

Logos are challenging and fun to do since it involves understanding the business/client, what they do, who they are, etc etc etc. though, the biggest challenges for me, at this point, are that I don’t have a dissent Logo Portfolio which leads to potential costumers to be a little suspicious about my work and  it’s quality. Now if I decide to build a Logo Portfolio with designs that came from the Blue (read: using fictitious business as inspiration) I’ll end with dozens of good logos to show but, most likely, with the same style.

To solve this dilemma, and have a slight  more realistic experience, I decided to use a website called Design Crowd, this website is like a “Bounty Hunter Board” for designers. This practice is better known as Crowd-sourcing.

I’m not a big fan of Crowd-sourcing (this link explains more in dept what it is and what it does) but, in my situation, it allows me to design two or three logos per day for different people around the world and, if I do a really good job, receive a little money for my work.

Bellow are the first 3 Logos I made during the past couple of days:






The problem of having a monitor that shows the wrong colors

Around November, I decided to buy a new laptop, this time I was look for something smaller and lighter than my old ASUS G-Series, which was a “portable desktop” (considering how powerful and heavy it was). Long story short, I bought a HP Envy 15 with Windows 8, processor intel i7, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 740 graphic card and it only cost $1100. Though it fulfilled all my necessities, I stumble with a couple of issues: One was that it will heat really fast while doing intensive / high demanding tasks (like rendering or playing video games). After looking around the Internet”s”, I learn that it was a common issues with this notebooks and it can be easily solve by using a cooling mat.

The second issue, and reason why I wrote this article, was that the colors are display different (orange where red should be). This issue has been an nightmare for me since, before I start a design, I have to compare color on a different monitor before I can start working on it. Bellow is a sample of how atrocious it can be.

Cold Big Foot Logo

This logo was done before I realize how bad the colors where rendered in my screen. What’s wrong with it? Well, that green-ish color framing the character was suppose to be blue… SKY BLUE to be more precise.

The moral of the story is, always question why a “Good Deal” is labeled as a Good Deal and ALWAYS be picky about the small details.

News #OrsattiJournal

#Orsatti Journal

#Orsatti Journal

Hello ladies and chimps,

After months of working in a huge project for one of my clients, I’m back and with exciting news!


From now on, all my art and design process will be documented here, in my website, for your enjoyment (?) and hopefully I can teach ya’ll one or two thing about graphic / web design and SEO. Also  my wife & I love to go to art & design events such as AIGA Houston (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and AAUGA Austin (Autodesk Animation User Group Association – Austin) so expect some post about such and other related events inside and around the Houston area.


My website will go through some minor changes such as:

  1. Artwork & Photography. I will only display the most relevant (read interesting) projects. Future projects will be display as Blog Post. Regarding my photos, the most relevant will be display and the rest can be found in my flickr account.
  2. Websites. All websites designed by me will be displayed in another domain. Since most of them will be samples and (most likely) not related to a real business nor person.

Thank you and you’re more than welcome to follow me on Twitter (@jamesorsatti), Facebook (,Instagram (bigcornelius) & Flickr (jorsatti)


James Orsatti at Your Service

If you need a Website or you already have a website that needs some improvements to compete with today’s market, or maybe you want to make your business look much better with some nice photographs, illustrations, graphics, videos or logos; contact me and I’ll share my experience to make your business more attractive and professional. Visit my website to see examples of my work or email me to set up an appointment and discuss how can I help you.

Just got my Inbound Marketing Certification!

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