Blue Jay Wallpaper


Do you like birds? Are you tired of ugly wallpapers for your mobile devices? Well here you can download this beautiful wallpaper for your iPad and iPhone!


Blue Jay Wallpaper for iPad Retina (2048 x 2048)

Blue Jay Wallpaper for iPad and iPhone 6 Plus (1024 x 1024)

Blue Jay wallpaper for iPhone 6 (750 x 1334)

Blue Jay Wallpaper for iPhone 5 (640 x 1136)

This wallpaper is the first of many more that I’ll be designing during the next months. You are more than welcome to follow me and see the progress of my following projects.

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Also you can find all my wallpapers with the hashtag  #jorsattiwallpapers.

The Story Behind the Project

In my experience, finding the perfect wallpaper for my computer and mobile devices has been an agonizing ordeal that demands browsing thousands of… how to say it polity… “crappy” wallpapers to only find one or two that “kinda are” what I was looking forward.

One day, several weeks ago,  I stumbled with a website called Poolga (you are welcome!) that offers free beautiful and unique wallpapers inspiring me to make my own designs and share it to the world.

After several hours of work I finally finished my first mobile wallpaper and now I’m thirsty to make many more during the next months.

What’s Next?

I have several projects in mind involving more birds, flowers and animals. Also I’m seriously considering doing a Game of Thrones wallpaper.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future designs, please feel free to comment bellow or through my social accounts.

Want to Help?

If you enjoy my work, why not let me work for you?

I love creating beautiful digital illustrations which can be used on books, magazines, cards, websites… you name it!  My experience also includes graphic design, web design, business branding and identity.

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