Illustrations and 3D

Here are some of my latest work using Photoshop, Illustrator, 3DS Max and Maya.

Bender (In progress)

I always tried to stay away from fan art, though, this time I decided to make an exception and make everyone’s favorite robot… BENDER! You can see the illustration progress on my Instagram account.

Blue jay

If you ask to my family or friends “What is James passion?” their answer will be “Birds, Insects or (most likely) I donno…”. Anyway, after having a heated debate between my inner entomologist, ornithologist and nerdologist(?) a decisions was took and the ornithologist won (for now…).

Blue jay are one of my favorite birds, not only because they are beautiful but also, because they are smart. They can mimic a diverse variety of sound and also solve complex problems just like crows!

For this illustration I followed the same recipe as my previous portrait and implemented a few modifications to improve the detail quality and decrease the process time.


Self Portrait 2015

Finally got some free time in my hands and, naturally, decided to pamper myself with a new video game. The game in question is Dragon Age Inquisition which not only is a good game but also has impressive art and details that made me drop the controller and hit my Wacom tablet (after 50+ hours of play). The game provides these “Tarot  Cards” where you can choose the characters which you want to play.

After studying the art style of such cards I decided to try it with a new self portrait. Bellow is the result. Enjoy!


Valentines Card 2014

This is the card I “copied” and gifted to my wife this Valentines Day and here is the story for those who saw that episode of The Simpsons:
A few weeks ago, we (my wife & I) were watching the Simpsons (Specs and the City S.25 Ep.11). In this episode Bart is forced to give a V-card to Nelson. After Marge convince Bart to give a V- Card to Nelson, Bart reaches a box labeled “Unused Valentines – WARNING: NOT FOR LOVED ONES” and picks the card shown bellow.
Probably you’ll think “What a horrible husband! He copied and gifted a V-card that came from a box labeled “Not for loved ones” but, since she is a big fan of OWLS OF GA’ HOOLE, she loved it!

Valentine Card 2014


Valentine Card 2014 Inside

Since it was copied (read: screenshotted) from an existing design, there was not challenge at all, though I think it’s worth sharing.

Renaissance Portraits (for kids)

I always enjoyed the art in the illustrated child books; its simplicity, colorful, always surrounded by joy… well it’s made for little kids though… So I said ” lets copy some famous Renaissance Portraits and redesign them as child book illustrations and (why not) add a little hint of  Sexiness” and voila! Here is the result.

Botticelli Venus


Renaissance Portrait

Renaissance Portrait

The Lady With an Ermine, DaVinci

The Lady With an Ermine

Mona Lisa Da Vinci

Mona Lisa

Lucrezia Borgia

Lucrezia Borgia

Cesare Borgia

Cesare Borgia

TV and Movies

Following the child book style I wanted to take the next step by illustrating some memorable movie scenes. Here are a couple of examples.

Mauricio Garces

Mauricio Garces

Inglorious bastards

It’s a Bingo!

3D Modeling and Animation

There are some of my most relevant projects as a 3D modeler and, as you can see, I really enjoy doing Industrial Modeling.

Animation Demo Reel