Logo Exercise I

Now that I have a little extra time I decided to work more in my Logos.

Logos are challenging and fun to do since it involves understanding the business/client, what they do, who they are, etc etc etc. though, the biggest challenges for me, at this point, are that I don’t have a dissent Logo Portfolio which leads to potential costumers to be a little suspicious about my work and  it’s quality. Now if I decide to build a Logo Portfolio with designs that came from the Blue (read: using fictitious business as inspiration) I’ll end with dozens of good logos to show but, most likely, with the same style.

To solve this dilemma, and have a slight  more realistic experience, I decided to use a website called Design Crowd, this website is like a “Bounty Hunter Board” for designers. This practice is better known as Crowd-sourcing.

I’m not a big fan of Crowd-sourcing (this link explains more in dept what it is and what it does) but, in my situation, it allows me to design two or three logos per day for different people around the world and, if I do a really good job, receive a little money for my work.

Bellow are the first 3 Logos I made during the past couple of days:






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