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#Orsatti Journal

Hello ladies and chimps,

After months of working in a huge project for one of my clients, I’m back and with exciting news!


From now on, all my art and design process will be documented here, in my website, for your enjoyment (?) and hopefully I can teach ya’ll one or two thing about graphic / web design and SEO. Also  my wife & I love to go to art & design events such as AIGA Houston (American Institute of Graphic Arts) and AAUGA Austin (Autodesk Animation User Group Association – Austin) so expect some post about such and other related events inside and around the Houston area.


My website will go through some minor changes such as:

  1. Artwork & Photography. I will only display the most relevant (read interesting) projects. Future projects will be display as Blog Post. Regarding my photos, the most relevant will be display and the rest can be found in my flickr account.
  2. Websites. All websites designed by me will be displayed in another domain. Since most of them will be samples and (most likely) not related to a real business nor person.

Thank you and you’re more than welcome to follow me on Twitter (@jamesorsatti), Facebook (,Instagram (bigcornelius) & Flickr (jorsatti)


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