The problem of having a monitor that shows the wrong colors

Around November, I decided to buy a new laptop, this time I was look for something smaller and lighter than my old ASUS G-Series, which was a “portable desktop” (considering how powerful and heavy it was). Long story short, I bought a HP Envy 15 with Windows 8, processor intel i7, 12GB RAM, NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 740 graphic card and it only cost $1100. Though it fulfilled all my necessities, I stumble with a couple of issues: One was that it will heat really fast while doing intensive / high demanding tasks (like rendering or playing video games). After looking around the Internet”s”, I learn that it was a common issues with this notebooks and it can be easily solve by using a cooling mat.

The second issue, and reason why I wrote this article, was that the colors are display different (orange where red should be). This issue has been an nightmare for me since, before I start a design, I have to compare color on a different monitor before I can start working on it. Bellow is a sample of how atrocious it can be.

Cold Big Foot Logo

This logo was done before I realize how bad the colors where rendered in my screen. What’s wrong with it? Well, that green-ish color framing the character was suppose to be blue… SKY BLUE to be more precise.

The moral of the story is, always question why a “Good Deal” is labeled as a Good Deal and ALWAYS be picky about the small details.

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